If you have been diagnosed with Diabetes then you could go on to develop complications in your feet due to poor blood supply and a loss of sensation (peripheral neuropathy).

Statistics state that you are 15 times at increased risk of having a limb amputated. The risks of complications can be greatly reduced if your blood sugar levels are kept under control.

A loss of feeling in your feet means that you may damage them without being aware.If not noticed and not treated quickly or appropriately this can have serious consequences and lead to amputation if coupled with a poor blood supply.  A poor blood supply ,or local Ischaemia  ,can delay healing and increase your risk of infection.

At Sale Podiatry we will perform a Diabetic Foot assessment at your appointment. This involves screening your foot for signs of poor blood flow by checking both foot pulses, and by testing your ability to feel pressures on the sole of your feet and tips of your toes.

We can give foot care and footwear advice in order to reduce your risks of going on to develop a foot problem.

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